Food assistance for assets: “Help us to help you”.

A group of women in Lumba Massalit, an FFA site of 13.5 hectares, eastern Chad. 173 people are working on the site. WFP/Nathalie Magnien

Written by Nathalie Magnien

A new irrigation scheme and some fresh vegetables. That sounds simple but that could be the bedrock to ensuring that thousands of people do not go hungry and malnourished. The World Foood Programme (WFP) and its partners in Chad are increasingly working on such projects as part of food assistance for asset creation (FFA) activities to help people , including refugees, work towards a time of ‘Zero Hunger’.

In Farchana, located about 1,000 kilometers from the Chadian capital N’Djamena , more than 30,000 people are involved in a series of activities supported by the German government through WFP under to help people help themselves.

In this region of Chad which hosts several refugees these projects do not only build resilience through new wells, gardens and fields; they also contribute to tighten bonds between communities. These pictures and testimonies tell that tale.

WFP/Nathalie Magnien

New well, irrigation canals: access to water is essential to have a fresh vegetable production.

Lettuce, okhra, onion, garlic, watermelon: seeds are already growing. WFP/Nathalie Magnien
Abderahmane Adam & Adam Haroun Ahmat, cheikh and village chief. WFP/Nathalie Magnien

Peaceful cohabitation between refugees and local population.

“When refugees arrived more than 10 years ago we didn’t know that humanitarian organizations were going to help: we welcomed them and this project is deepening our ties.”

Zara Abdoulaye Mahamat, 62 years old. She leads the women’s group under the supersivision of WFP’s project implementing partner the Lutherian World Federation. WFP/Nathalie Magnien

Here’s what Ndeingar Toutoadoum, WFP Chad’s Senior Programme Officer, said during a discussion with people involved in the project :

“You work all together for you and your families. Our assistance is like the sugary tea you like to drink: it boosts you but at the end of the day it’s your combined efforts and your involvement which will make all the difference.

So, help us to help you.”

Discussion during a field mission: “Help us to help you”. WFP/Nathalie Magnien
Fatime Abderahmane & Ibrahim Haroun Youssouf, wife and husband, 10 children. Refugees from Darfur, they are living in Chad for 12 years.
Melle site, 3 hectares, 252 people. Implementing partner OHDL.
WFP/Nathalie Magnien

Hand in Hand.

Mariam, sudanese refugee for 13 years, 8 children, widow & Hawa, chadian. Coworker and friends…

“We receive cash assistance for our work. We can buy meat, poultry to prepare the family meal. We even share our meals during feasts and special occasions.”

WFP/Nathalie Magnien

This arid environment will be completely different in a few months time when rain will come (June/September). The main problem is to keep all the rain which will fall in a few days. That’s why part of the FFA project is dedicated to the building of a stone wall which will retain water and will enable participants to increase the crop’s yield.

Ahmit Issaka Ouhtman, 28, married, no children yet. Refugee in Chad for 13 years. Works on Alinguita site. WFP/Nathalie Magnien
Ahmad Ali Abdallah, 77 years old, owner of the land. The crop will be shared between his family and refugees involved in the project. WFP/Nathalie Magnien
WFP/Nathalie Magnien

The food/cash assistance for aset creation project in eastern Chad is supported by Germany.

WFP/Nathalie Magnien

Chad is hosting more than 400 000 refugees from Sudan , the Central African Republic and Nigeria.

WFP Chad can assist them with the support of Canada, China, DFID, Echo, Germany, Japan, Switzerland, UNCERF, United States of America.

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